Content Contributors

Belle Lang
Belle Lang works as a social worker within the troubled youth correction industry.  Always wanting to work in the not-for-profit industry, she took a job at a social welfare department after earning her Master’s degree 2 years ago.  She contributes to her local newspaper regularly about teen related issues.

Shane Yardley
Shane Yardley has written extensively on topics related to the addiction recovery field. Shane’s prior experiences include service in both public and private organizations that are dedicated to helping families and individuals transcend the scourge of addiction and regain control over their behaviors, their lives and their futures.

Andrea Tripe
Andrea has worked in public schools as a guidance counselor for 31 years.  She has worked in 5 different school districts across the country and counseled teens in early middle school and high school.  In addition to providing guidance to students, she founded her current school’s newspaper because of her love for journalism.

Bryan Orion
Bryan Orion is an addiction specialist who writes and consults part-time on topics such as gambling addiction, internet addiction, and drug addiction.  When he is not working as a part time as a consultant, Bryan spends time working in his garden.