Lee County forms task force to tackle hoarding

By Staff Writer

Hoarding is an obsessive-compulsive condition that does not only cost individuals their livelihood, but taxpayers as well. Many towns are forced to spend money to evict compulsive hoarders who cannot keep their property clean and infringe upon neighbors. Lee County, Florida is the latest region to take proactive measures.

The county recently created a task force to provide resources to individuals suffering from compulsive hoarding, according to the Cape Coral Daily Breeze. Police, fire, mental health and animal control authorities will come together in January to discuss incorporating the skill sets of each department into the task force.

Chief animal control officer Adam Leath founded the group after dealing with a number of hoarding cases across the county. Many individuals with the condition are willing to receive treatment, but lack the resources and assistance to find it. Leath hopes that by combining efforts with other agencies in the area, hoarding cases will be reduced in a small amount of time.

One in every 50 individuals suffers from severe hoarding, according to the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation. Rehabilitation facilities can provide individuals with the therapy they need to overcome the condition.