Online resources for autism combine to provide news and information

By CRC Staff

 Approximately one in 110 children currently have autism, which is one of the fastest-growing developmental disabilities in the U.S. today. Experts estimate that a new case is diagnosed every 20 minutes and that the condition will affect more children this year than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined.

ASN is an online community that provides support and information about treatments, strategies and therapies. This recent collaboration with Autism Hangout is intended to further spread practical assistance to parents and caregivers.
"For those of us living with autism, there's a great need for answers to the day-to-day challenges," said Autism Hangout founder Craig Evans. "Finding a partner like ASN is key to us. In helping further this goal through cross-promoting each other's content, we hope to reach more who can benefit from the help we provide."
The site provides news, blogs, interviews with autism thought leaders and a discussion forum where members can share their experiences with others.