Some PTSD patients would sacrifice years of life for effective treatment, study finds

By Staff Writer

Individuals who suffer from PTSD are most impacted by symptoms of anxiety and heightened sensitivity. Moreover, some would give up years of their life and risk life-threatening treatments to achieve relief from their disorders, according to a study published in the journal Psychiatric Services.

The study evaluated 186 people who were seeking treatment for PTSD.

The findings showed that the patients generally found symptoms of trauma recollection and avoidance to be less intrusive on their quality of life when compared with experiences of anxiety and depression.

The study results also showed that on average, participants would be willing to sacrifice more than 13 years of their life if they could be cured of PTSD. The subjects were also found willing to accept treatments that carried an average risk of death of 13 percent.

The researchers said they believe that their study will help create treatments for PTSD that focus on healing the most troublesome symptoms of the mental illness.

Although there is no immediate cure for PTSD, sufferers may enroll at rehab facilities to undergo psychological treatment and improve their quality of life.