SSTOP program helps recovering alcoholics

By Staff Writer

By the time high school students reach their senior year, 80 percent have tried alcohol, according to Alcohol Information, an addiction resource site. As underage drinking remains a growing concern, substance abuse programs for youth are working to reduce alcohol usage among children.

Drunk driving is becoming a serious problem among teenagers who have their licenses, according to The Northwestern. However, a new program titled SSTOP is dedicated to giving drunk drivers the tools they need to detoxify and turn their lives around.

Todd Hunter is one example of a SSTOP member who used the program to get a new lease on life. He had started drinking when he was 12 years old. After hitting a parked car while under the influence in 2007, Hunter sought help from SSTOP.

"Had that program not been in place, I probably would have killed someone by now," Hunter told the news source.

Hunter has been sober for more than three years. He is one of the 291 people who have finished the SSTOP program and come clean. Only 29 of those who completed SSTOP had another drunk driving offense. Rehabilitation programs are effective in helping individuals kick their addiction.