Drug Rehabilitation Play Therapy

Recreational Therapies

Drug Rehabilitating Recreational TherapiesAlso referred to as “therapeutic recreation,” recreation therapy offers a number of benefits for individuals who are in treatment for substance abuse and/or addiction. In addition to contributing to the client’s comprehensive course of treatment, recreation therapy also introduces the recovering individual to productive drug-free activities that can be used to fill the time that was previously dedicated to acquiring or using drugs.

Recreation therapy can address issues related to participants’ physical, emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral well-being. Encompassing both team-based and individual pursuits (all conducted under the guidance and supervision of trained and experienced therapists), therapeutic recreational activities enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, communication abilities, goal-setting and a range of additional essential skills and qualities.

When integrated into a comprehensive course of addiction treatment, recreational therapy provides a variety of options and takes several forms. Common popular types of recreational therapy include hiking, skiing, swimming, surfing, horseback riding, ropes courses, orienteering and rock climbing – though this is hardly a comprehensive list.