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Treatment-Center.com provides drug and alcohol addiction receovery information and program listings as a free community and family service.

The treatment programs and facilities are located in a variety of locations and settings, nation wide, to suit every individual need and taste for best addiction recovery results and long-term care.

Our pledge is to work with you and your family through the exciting, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding stages—from the first call to the many years to come of a clean and sober life—of addiction recovery.

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The top drug and alcohol treatment programs and facilities are featured here, all of which provide comprehensive, professional rehabilitation and recovery services to those in need.

We recognize that people come to us with unique issues and circumstances. The variety of programs available here provides the flexibility to address each persons's needs on an individual basis.

If you're not sure that you, a family member, a friend, or someone near you is addicted and you'd like a free, professional, personalized evaluation, simply take advantage of this confindential assessment, and we'll resond you as quickly as possible, usually the same day.

Use the same form to find out about insurance coverage and a range of ways to pay for treatment at the center you choose. There are a wide range of options available if you're not sure how to pay, depending on individual needs and circumstances. So don't wait to contact us.

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